Upcoming Trips

My Schedule for 2023 is about to start

APRIL 2023

My first trip of the year will take me back to my roots into North West Surrey passing through Chobham on my way to Pirbright and on to The Hogs Back Cafe for the best breakfast in the area. I will show you that even the most ordinary places can have some interesting stories to be told. As I so often say these stories will not change your life but could help you win a Pub quiz some day. My Dad used to call it useless information and I collect it in bundles.


Through out the Spring and summer I will be working on a little project called ‘SEARCHING FOR NIGHTJARS‘. These mysterious and elusive birds arrive on our heathlands around early April. I will be riding to as many heathland areas as I can to search these habitats and see if I can learn more about these slightly mystical birds. It has been claimed in the past that they were so sneaky that they suckled on sheep and goats. More likely they were picking off ticks and other parasites but lets not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

I will also try to visit as many RSPB sites as possible and as ever I will be using the smallest roads possible so i can find some of our countries interesting and beautiful places,

MAY 2023

I have so many trips planned for May but i guess most will be weather dependant.

I also intend to ride out into the Hampshire countryside, I just love those country lanes west of Farnham. The back roads around Odiham, Alton and on to Winchester and then Andover are fantastic at this time of the year so i will be concentrating on those routes for a few weeks. On the way I will make some regular stop off’s at the RSPB Hazeley Heath hoping to spot some Nightjars and Dartford Warblers. With this in mind i will also stretch these rides into the New Forest and on the way back I will detour through Chobham Common and take a few walks around these parts of Surrey Heath that offer the habitat for Nightjars.

JUNE 2023

I hope to Fulfil the above routes in May so I can head off in a more Northerly direction to ride in some areas I am less familiar with. My first few trips will be heading into the Cotswolds. I will as usual make several trips so I can cover some of the area missed the first time round. I will return via RSPB Church Wood at least once for a nose around.

JULY 2023

Throughout July I will be making some longer trips. Most of these will be to the Great British coast with trips already planned to Lyme Regis and the surrounding Dorset coast line. I also plan to ride right along the south coast from Hampshire through Sussex to the farthest point of Kent and then later in the month I will be making a trip through Suffolk and Norfolk, an area of the country I have never visited before. I’m really looking forward to these summer trips.


I am currently studying my maps of the Uk looking for some ideas for my August adventures.


I have an exciting European trip planned for next year and its going to be a very long trip.

RSPB Hazeley Heath