Hi, i’m Graham sometimes called Gmac , something to do with a Golfer also called Greame

My life on Bikes goes way back to my early teenage years when several friends and I would club together to buy an old Motor Bike to ride on our local common. We had so much fun but it always ended the same way …. a wrecked Motor Bike. I hate to mention how many classics recieved this treatment.

The first proper bike that I had on the road was a Honda CB125. This was followed by another Honda a CB250 G5 cafe racer style and then what was for a long time my favourite bike. A Honda XL250. Many more Bikes, usually Hondas followed the only exception was an XT500 that was so hard to start that I gave up on it and returned to Hondas.

Now I like to spend my time riding around the countryside taking in some of the awesome sights along the way. When ever possible I combine these rides with a long walk in the countryside i’ve just discovered before making my way home via a well earned pit stop for some Fish and Chips or maybe a Curry.

My Little Honda

My current bike is a Honda CRF250M and so far I love it and I’m so looking forward to sharing my travels and adventures on it with you all. The video footage of these trips will be posted on my YouTube channel Bikesandboots. I will also load video clips of my walks in the countryside on my second YouTube channel Getupandgetoutthere.

Ready To Ride

Some time in the future I would like to own or at least ride all of the bikes I’ve lusted over in the past and top of the list would have to be a 1980’s Moto Guzzi le Mans 850. My desires towards this bike are as strong as they were when a work colleague allowed me to try his way back in the 1980’s.

I also love what were once the bigger singles like Honda XL500 and of course the Yamaha XT500 both of which i’ve owned and both i would love to get hold of again.

I also like the old Honda 400 4 super sport in the classic yellow.

An all time favourite

Looking at the bikes of today which are of course light years away from those available when I started out riding, I like what I read and see about the Moto Guzzi V7 and the Ducati Scamblers.

My time to ride sports bikes has probably passed because I fear my eagerness to see how they perform could well prove too much for my ageing talent. Non the less as a massive fan and visitor to the TT races I very much appreciate the unbelievable performance that sports bikes are capable of and love them all the same.


MOTO GUZZI LE MANS – got to be top of my list in Red of course

HONDA XL250 – my favourite bike back in the day Black and Yellow tank

YAMAHA XT500 – I owned a clapped out 1978 model and never got round to making it good

HONDA SUPER SPORT – 400 4 and its got to be yellow

LAVERDA JOTA – and it can only be Orange


DUCATI 900 SD DARMAH – sorry but for me its Black with Gold trim

SUZUKI GT380 – no idea why I’ve always wanted one of these as i cant get on with 2 strokes, in black

BINELLI SEI – beautiful in black with all that chrome

DUCATI MONSTER – probably a small one and i guess in Red

So far my list tells you all about my heritage but when ive had a think i will start adding more modern bikes.


HARLEY DAVIDSON XR750 FLAT TRACKER – Never thought I would add a Harley but I love this bike.

SUZUKI GT750 – You got to have a Kettle and mine is Blue

RICKMAN MATISSE DESERT RACER – Battleship Grey with a Big Single 600/700cc Engine