On Sunday mornings I always go out early and walk towards Windsor town centre where I live to buy a Sunday paper. Yesterday for some reason I thought I would go in the opposite direction, away from the town to a petrol station instead. I guess its a slightly closer option 300 yards instead of 400.

I went under the bypass and just as I came up the other side for some reason I glanced to my right at the entrance to a small block of flats and there right before me was my lovely little Bike. I could not believe my eyes, My Bike had been about 200 yards from my home all week.

After a check over I was pretty pleased to find it had not been wrecked. The disks were smashed off to get the locks off and the ignition had been tampered with and the cable cut but that seems to be it. I am so happy to get it back as I had been pretty down wondering Why me etc. Right now I feel all’s well that ends well.

I’m hoping to get the bike booked in for the repairs ASAP and cant wait to get out there and start making more video content for YouTube. Hope you all had a great Coronation weekend and are also enjoying being out side now spring is sprung and the birds are singing to their little hearts content.

May 8, 2023 7:26 am

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