From Bad To Worse

Well the Spring has not been great for either Motor Bike Rides or walks in the countryside. I have managed a few walks but the late Spring has not helped when it comes to making interesting video content for YouTube but I have managed a few YouTube shorts and they seem to have been well received.

The beginning of May looked a bit more promising as it usually does, I have a birthday in the early part of the month and the forecast was looking very nice with sunshine all day.

On the morning of the second of may I was all set to give my lovely little bike a once over ready for the Big Ride on May 3rd. Just as I was about to leave my flat a neighbour called round and upon opening the door he said rather glumly ‘I was hoping you were not going to answer because that means your already out on your bike but’ he looked a bit uneasy ‘your bike is not outside’. He went on to explain that he was up early for an airport run, that’s what he does for work, and at 4am he saw some young hoody wearing people running from the car park. As he drove out he saw a Motorbike (mine) at the entrance to the car park but did not realise what was going on being more concerned for his own safety.

When these things happen its always a shock at first then it sinks in and you just think why me. I had 3 locks on the bike one alarmed and two disk locks front and back. The strange thing is these were found right where the bike was parked still locked so i can only guess that the Thieves that stole my bike smashed the disks to get the locks off. Anyway its happened and i’m gutted. The bike was really low milage and in fantastic condition. I now need to look for another bike so i can continue doing what i absolutely love doing, riding my bike and walking in the countryside. I hope i can bring cheerful news in my next Blog. Thank you all and just get out there and enjoy life.

May 6, 2023 10:46 am

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